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Platinum Heating & Cooling is your go-to for all your water heater repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation needs. We have been serving New Jersey & New York since 2003, and always strive to provide excellent HVAC services for all our clients. We have earned the trust of numerous families and look forward to earning yours as well.

Our expert technicians are well-trained and can diagnose and repair, tune-up, or install your water heater in a timely manner. We keep our prices fair, so once we give you a price offer, you can be sure there are no hidden additional expenses; offer 24/7 emergency water heater repair service; offer a 2-year warranty on the parts we installed; and arrive on time to respect your valuable time. Call us today for fast, reliable, and honest service.
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Water Heater Repair Service
Without a doubt, a tank or tankless water heater is an important part of a house. Unlike many other heating or cooling appliances, it is used year-round and can experience a heavier workload. Which can lead to more frequent malfunctions and repairs. The most common reason to schedule a water heater repair service are:

Water tank leaks.
The water around an on-demand water heater, or dripping from it.
Low hot water pressure.
Water heater does not produce hot enough water.
Strange sounds such as gurgling, banging or popping coming from a water heater.
Unusual and loud noises from the tank.
Rusty or discolored hot water coming from the tap.
The water heater does not light or does not stay lit.
Inconsistent hot water temperature.
Water Heater Installation Service
When you consider water heater installation, in the first turn you should decide whether you want a tank or tankless option, and pay attention to a few other important factors such as:

• Size of a water heater. The size of the water heater should be based on household hot water consumption needs.
Energy efficiency. Look for water heaters with a high Energy Factor (EF) rating, to save on monthly energy bills.
Tank or Tankless water heater. Tankless models heat the water on demand, which makes them more energy-efficient, plus they need less space for installation. However, they typically cost more than tank water heaters.
Water quality in your area. Water rich in minerals and contaminants can have an impact on the performance and lifespan of a water heater. Your water heater may require maintenance service more often. One way to extend the lifespan of a water heater is by installing a water softener or descaling system.
Warranty. Check the length and terms of the warranty. Most manufacturers require on-time maintenance service in order to keep the warranty.
Water Heater Replacement Service
Having a reliable water heater is important for any household. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, some types of water heaters have a relatively short lifespan. To avoid sudden serious breakdowns, it is important to pay attention to the warning signs of a potential replacement.

• Age of your water heater. The average lifespan of a well-maintained tank water heater is 10-15 years, for a tankless option it can be up to 20.
Frequent and costly repairs. It can be more cost-effective to consider replacement in that case.
Rusty or discolored water. It could be a sign of corrosion in the water heater tank.
Leaks from a water tank or water heater. While some small leaks can be repairable, severe leaks often require the water heater to be replaced.
Increase in hot water demand. A small water heater may not be able to produce enough hot water to satisfy increased demand.
Corrosion on the outside of the water heater tank or pipes leading to it.
We serve gas, and electric tank or tankless water heaters. Some of the most common brands we repair are Bosch, Chronomite, Eccotemp, EcoSmart, Eemax, Eltron, Marey, Navien, Noritz, Stiebel, Takagi, Rheem, Rinnai, and many more.

Our expert technicians have everything needed in their trucks to repair your hot water heater right away.

We always make sure we left no mess behind. After the work is done, our technicians clean the working area.

We are honest. If your water heater can be repaired we will do our best to do it fast. If it is time to replace it, we will help you to find the best option for your needs. Our client's satisfaction is always our #1 priority!

We give 2 years warranty on the parts we installed.

We give a 5-year warranty on installed boilers and a 3-year on labor.

We offer financing options to help make the replacement or installation process more comfortable for you
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